Pearls of post punk

Chicche dal passato del periodo 1978 – 1973

Parte di Rubriche

young marble giants - colossal youth

Pearls of post punk vol.46: Young Marble Giants – N.I.T.A. – 1980

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 10 Settembre 2021

Song: N.I.T.A. Band: Young Marble Giants Year: 1980 Album: from Colossal Youth Label: Rough Trade City:  Cardiff (Wales, UK) Members: Philip Moxham (bass), Stuart Moxham (guitar, organ), Alison Statton (vocals)

sex gang children - sebastiene

Pearls of post punk vol.45: Sex Gang Children – Sebastiane – 1983

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 28 Agosto 2021

Song: Sebastiane Band: Sex Gang Children Year: 1983 Album: 45 rpm from Song and legend Label: Illuminated City:  London (UK) Members: Andi Sexgang (vocals, guitar), Terry MacLeay (guitar), Rob Stroud (drums), Dave Roberts (bass)

new order - ceremonynew order - ceremony

Pearls of post punk vol.44: New Order – Ceremony – 1981

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 16 Agosto 2021

Song: Ceremony Band: New Order Year: 1981 Album: 45 rpm from Movement Label: Factory Records City:  Manchester (UK) Members: Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitars, synth), Peter Hook (bass, vocals), Stephen Morris (drums), Gillian Gilbert (synth, programming)

killing joke - requiem

Pearls of post punk vol. 43: Killing Joke – Requiem – 1980

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 3 Agosto 2021

Song: Requiem Band: Killing Joke Year: 1980 Album: Killing Joke Label: E.G. Records City:  London (UK) Members: Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards), Kevin Geordie Walker (guitars), Martin Glover (bass), Paul Ferguson (drums)

mx 80 sound - hard attackk

Pearls of post punk vol. 42: MX-80 Sound – Man on the move – 1977

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 21 Luglio 2021

Song: Man on the move Band: MX-80 Sound Year: 1977 Album: Hard attack Label: Virgin City:  Bloomington (USA) Members: Bruce Anderson (guitar), Dale Sophiea (bass, vocals), Mark Bingham (vocals), Rich Stim (vocals, saxophone, organ, rhythm guitar), Dave Mahoney (drums, vocals)

the associates - the affectionate punch

Pearls of post punk vol. 41: The Associates – Deeply concerned – 1980

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 5 Luglio 2021

Song: Deeply concerned Band: The Associates Year: 1980 Album: The affectionate punch Label: Fiction City:  Dundee (Scotland) Members: Billy Mackenzie (vocals), Alan Rankine (keyboards,guitars, bass), Nigel Glockler (drums)

martha and the muffins - echo beach

Pearls of post punk vol. 40: Martha and the Muffins – Echo Beach – 1980

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 18 Giugno 2021

Song: Echo beach Band: Martha and the Muffins Year: 1980 Album: 45rpm from Metro music Label: DinDisc City:  Toronto (Canada) Members: Martha Johnson (keyboards, vocals), Martha Ladly (keyboards, trombone, vocals), Mark Gane (synthesizer, guitar), Carl Finkle (bass), Tim Gane (drums), Andy Haas (saxophone)

fra lippo lippi - tap dance for scientists back

Pearls of post punk vol. 39: Fra Lippo Lippi – Tap dance for scientists – 1980

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 1 Giugno 2021

Song: Tap dance for scientists Band: Fra Lippo Lippi Year: 1980 Album: 45rpm Label: Private City:  Nesodden (Norge) Members: Rune Kristoffersen (bass, keyboards), Morten Sjøberg (drums), Bjørn Sorknes (keyboards, guitar, vocals)

the cars - just what i needed

Pearls of post punk vol. 38: The Cars – Just what i needed – 1978

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 15 Maggio 2021

Song: Just what i needed Band: The Cars Year: 1978 Album: The Cars Label: Elektra City:  Boston (Massachusets) Members: Ric Ocasek (vocals, guitar), Elliot Easton (guitar, vocals), Greg Hawkes  (keyboards, sax, vocals), Benjamine Orr (bass, vocals),  David Robinson (drums, vocals)

japan - stateline

Pearls of post punk vol.37: Japan – Stateline – 1977

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 1 Maggio 2021

Song: Stateline Band: Japan Year: 1977 Album:  45 rpm Label: Hansa International City:  London Members: David Sylvian (vocals, guitar), Rob Dean (guitar, vocals), Richard Barbieri  (synth, keyboards), Mick Karn (bass, vocals),  Steve Jansen (drums, vocals)

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