Pearls of post punk

Chicche dal passato del periodo 1978 – 1973

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arcadia - election day

Pearls of post punk vol.71: Arcadia – Election Day – 1985

di Redazione, pubblicato il 14 Settembre 2022

Song: Election Day Band: Arcadia Year: 1985 Album: 45 rpm from So red the rose Label: Capitol City:  London (UK) Members: Simon Le Bon (vocals), Nick Rhodes (keyboards), Roger Taylor (drums), Grace Jones (backing vocals)    

graham parker & the rumour - soul shoes

Pearls of post punk vol.70: Graham Parker & the Rumour – Soul Shoes – 1976

di Redazione, pubblicato il 31 Agosto 2022

Song: Soul shoes Band: Graham Parker & the Rumour Year: 1976 Album: 45 rpm from Howlin’ wind Label: Mercury City:  London (UK) Members: Graham Parker (vocals, guitars), Brinsley Shwarz (guitar, hammond, vocals), Bob Andrews (keyboards, piano, vocals), Martin Belmont (guitars, vocals),  Steve Goulding (drums, vocals), Andrew Bodnar  (bass)    

grace jones - nightclubbing

Pearls of post punk vol.69: Grace Jones – Nightclubbing – 1981

di Redazione, pubblicato il 18 Agosto 2022

Song: Nightclubbing Band: Grace Jones Year: 1981 Album: Nightclubbing Label: Island City:  Spanish Town (JAM) Members: Grace Jones (vocals), Wally Badarou (keyboards), Monte Browne (rhythm guitar), Mikey Chung (guitar), Masai Delon (vocals), Tyrone Downie (keyboards, vocals), Sly Dunbar (drums), Robbie Shakespeare  (bass), Barry Reynolds (guitar), Uzziah Thompson (percussions)    

any trouble - yesterday's love orig

Pearls of post punk vol.68: Any Trouble – Yesterday’s Love – 1980

di Redazione, pubblicato il 1 Agosto 2022

Song: Yesterday’s love Band: Any Trouble Year: 1980 Album: 45 rpm Label: Stiff City:  Crewe (UK) Members: Clive Gregson (guitars, vocals), Chris Parks (guitars), Phil Barnes (bass), Mel Harley (drums)    

u2 - a day without me

Pearls of post punk vol.67: U2 – A day without me – 1980

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 13 Luglio 2022

Song: A day without me Band: U2 Year: 1980 Album: 45 rpm from Boy Label: Island City:  Dublin (IRL) Members: Bono Vox (vocals), The Edge (guitars, vocals), Adam Clayton (bass), Larry Mullen (drums)    

david sylvian - the ink in the well

Pearls of post punk vol.66: David Sylvian – The ink in the well – 1984

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 25 Giugno 2022

Song: The ink in the well Band: David Sylvian Year: 1984 Album: Brilliant trees Label: Virgin City:  London (UK) Members: David Sylvian (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Richard Barbieri (keyboards), Ryūichi Sakamoto (piano, keyboards), Steve Jansen (drums), Jon Hassell (trumpet), Mark Isham (trumpet), Holger Czukay (guitar, french horn, vocals)    

the the - uncertain smile

Pearls of post punk vol.65: The The – Uncertain smile – 1983

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 7 Giugno 2022

Song: Uncertain smile Band: The The Year: 1983 Album: Soul mining Label: Epic City:  London (UK) Members: Matt Johnson (vocals, synth, percussions, instruments)    

the pack - heathen brave new soldiers

Pearls of post punk vol.64: The Pack (aka Theatre of Hate) – Brave new soldiers – 1979

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 21 Maggio 2022

Song: Brave new soldiers Band: The Pack Year: 1979 Album: 45 rpm Label: SS Records City:  London (UK) Members: Kirk Brandon (vocals, guitar), Simon Werner (guitar), Jonathan Werner (bass), Rab Fae Beith (drums)    

uk decay - car crash

Pearls of post punk vol.63: UK Decay – Car crash – 1979

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 8 Maggio 2022

Song: Car crash Band: UK Decay Year: 1979 Album: 45 rpm (split) Label: Plastic Records City:  Luton Town (UK) Members: Abbo (vocals, guitar), Martyn Smith (bass), Steve Harle (drums)    

felt - index

Pearls of post punk vol.62: Felt – Index – 1979

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 15 Aprile 2022

Song: Index Band: Felt Year: 1979 Album: 45 rpm Label: Shangai Records City:  Water Orton, Warwickshire (UK) Members: Lawrence (vocals, guitar)