Pearls of post punk

Chicche dal passato del periodo 1978 – 1973

Parte di Rubriche

the raincoats - fairytale in the supermarket

Pearls of post punk vol.22: The Raincoats – Fairytale in the supermarket – 1979

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 4 Settembre 2020

Song: Fairytale in the supermarket Band: The Raincoats Year: 1979 Album: 45 rpm Label: Rough Trade City:  London Members: Ana Da Silva (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Gina Birch (vocals, bass), Vicky Aspinal (vocals, violin, guitar), Palmolive (drums)

cabaret voltaire - extended play

Pearls of post punk vol.21: Cabaret Voltaire – Talkover – 1978

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 22 Agosto 2020

Song: Talkover Band: Cabaret Voltaire Year: 1978 Album: Extended play EP Label: Rough Trade City:  Sheffield Members: Richard H. Kirk (vocals, guitar), Stephen Mailinder (bass, vocals), Chris Watson (keyboards, tapes, vocals)

the fall - live at the witch

Pearls of post punk vol.20: The Fall – Psycho Mafia – 1979

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 8 Agosto 2020

Song: Psycho Mafia Band: The Fall Year: 1977 Album: Live at the Witch Trials Label: Step Forward City:  Prestwitch Members: Mark E. Smith (vocals), Martin Bramah (guitars, vocals), Marc Riley (bass), Karl Burns (drums), Yvonne Pawlett (keyboards)

throbbing gristle - the first annual report

Pearls of post punk vol.19: Throbbing Gristle – Maggot death – 1977

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 30 Luglio 2020

Song: Maggot death Band: Throbbing Gristle Year: 1977 Album: The second annual report Label: Industrial Records City:  London Members: Genesis P.Orridge (bass, clarinet, guitar, vocals, violin), Cosey Fan Tutti (guitars, vocals), Chris Carter (synth, electronics), Peter Christopherson (programming, trumpet)

a certain ratio - all night party

Pearls of post punk vol.18: A Certain Ratio – Alll night party – 1979

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 17 Luglio 2020

Song: All night party Band: A Certain Ratio Year: 1979 Album: 45 rpm + The graveyard and the ballroom Label: Factory City:  Manchester Members: Jeremy Kerr (bass, vocals), Martin Moscrop (guitars, trumpet), Peter Terrell (guitar, electronics), Simon Topping (vocals, trumpet, percussions)

stiff little fingers - alternative ulster

Pearls of post punk vol.17: Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster – 1978

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 30 Giugno 2020

Song: Alternative Ulster Band: Stiff Little Fingers Year: 1978 Album: 45 rpm + Inflammable Material Label: Rough Trade City:  Belfast (North Ireland) Members: Jake Burns (vocals, guitar),  Henry Cluney (guitar, vocals), Ali McMordie (bass, vocals), Brian Falloon (drums), Andy Kelly (bassoon)

ultravox - ultravox

Pearls of post punk vol.16: Ultravox! – Dangerous rhythm – 1976

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 11 Giugno 2020

Song: Dangerous rhythm Band: Ultravox! Year: 1976 Album: Ultravox! Label: Island City:  London Members: John Fox (vocals, harmonica),  Stevie Shears (guitar), Chris Cross (bass, vocals), Billy Currie (violin), Warren Cann (drums, vocals)

pere ubu - modern dance

Pearls of post punk vol.15: Pere Ubu – The modern dance – 1978

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 25 Maggio 2020

Song: The modern dance Band: Pere Ubu Year: 1978 Album: The modern dance Label: Geffen City:  Cleveland, OHIO Members: David Thomas (vocals, percussions),  Tom Herman (guitar, vocals), Tony Maimone (bass, piano, vocals), Allen Ravenstine (sax, tapes, synth), Scott Krauss (drums)

the pop group - we are all prostitutes

Pearls of post punk vol.14: The Pop Group – We are all prostitutes – 1979

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 7 Maggio 2020

Song: We are all prostitutes Band: The Pop Group Year: 1979 Album: 45 rpm Label: Rough Trade City:  Bristol Members: Mark Stewart (vocals) ,  John Waddington (guitar), Gareth Sager (guitar, sax), Dan Catsis (bass), Bruce Smith (drums)

gang of four - damages goods

Pearls of post punk vol.13: Gang of Four – Damaged goods – 1978

di Roberto Giannini, pubblicato il 19 Aprile 2020

Song: Damaged goods Band: Gang of Four Year: 1978 Album: 45 rpm Label: Fast Product City:  Leeds Members: Andy Gills (guitar, vocals) ,  Jon King (vocals), Dave Allen (bass), Hugo Burnham (drums)

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